Awarding Engineering Innovation

What’s new this year?

The essence of this listing is the same as last year but there are a few notable changes. The outstanding engineers who featured in last year’s list were not eligible to be included for the same innovation this year. This resulted in the 2017 list being completely different to the one last year.

This year, the list features 30 of the most innovative engineers and includes more information about each person and their innovation. Also, some of the categories have been redefined to reflect current trends in industry.

How were they selected?

At the beginning of this year, engineering professionals were invited to nominate themselves or their peers. The number of entries this year was a substantial increase on last year. Of course this put additional pressure on the judges and we would like to thank them all for their invaluable contribution to the process.

If you’re doing something innovative or know someone else who is, why not nominate next year? Details of how to enter next year’s program will be provided in create magazine, on the Engineers Australia website and through social media later this year.

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